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Courtesy Cleaning Tips

Understanding fiber content

Getting out stains is highly dependent on the types of fibers that make up the garment. I am not speaking about satin, or chenille or gabardine, these are types of weave. It is the fibers that should be denoted on a garments label. Man-made fibers such as: polyester, nylon, acetate require different care as opposed to natural fibers: silk, wool, cotton, linen, which are from plants or animals. To make matters more complicated within man-made and natural fibers there are restrictions too. For example you need extreme caution when using any ammonia on a silk or wool but it is fine for cotton and linen. (more…)

Frequently Asked Questions about Stain Removal

Why can’t all spots or stains be removed?
Some spots adhere to the fabric or dye in such a way that the spot removal process needed to break down the stain may also break down the fabric or dye, thereby ruining the garment. When we discover this type of stain, our policy is to stop attempting to remove it before any damage to the garment occurs. We always call the customer before attempting any additional measures.

Garment Care Cleaning

Silk and Rayon

These types of garments are sensitive to perfume, deodorant, perspiration, hair spray, food and beverages. Avoid prolonged contact with any of these substances, which can result in discoloration of the fabric. We recommend cleaning after each wear. Also, have all matching pieces of an outfit cleaned together to maintain consistency of appearance.

Sports Jerseys

This type of garment requires special handling. We look to the care label for proper cleaning instructions. However, we have found the care label in some jerseys cannot be trusted. We wet clean most of these. Wet cleaning is not the same as washing. Wet cleaning is a controlled process using water along with special detergents and conditioners and limited agitation. Due to their popularity, name brand sport jerseys are being counterfeited. These imitations are known not to hold up as well during the cleaning process. Buyers beware and purchase sports jerseys from a trusted retail store.


Regular cleaning will help keep dust, smoke and contaminates out of your drapes, providing for a longer life expectancy. Prolonged sun exposure and moisture that forms on windows and comes in contact with the drapes can cause problems. The sun can cause the fabric to rot, which will result in shredding when the drape is pulled or cleaned. Water from the window can cause stains and dark rings when the water dries. If cleaned immediately, these stains usually will come out. Otherwise, this type of damage may be irreversible depending on the type and color of the material.

Wedding Gowns

It is important to clean and preserve wedding gowns as soon as possible after the event. Drink and food stains left in the dress will begin to oxidize and because of the fancy ornamentation on most dresses, removing stains becomes more difficult. After cleaning, store your wedding gown in a climate-controlled space. Never store in a hot or humid place like an attic. The heat will cause even a clean dress to turn brown.

How We Professionally Remove Spots and Stains

Spotting at home refers to putting a topical product, such as Shout, prior to putting your garment in the washing machine. This can loosen stains and make them easier to clean while in the wash.

At Courtesy Cleaners we use a method called “Pre-Spotting.” This process involves removing the stain before dry cleaning or wet cleaning a garment. There are three primary tools we uses to remove spots. (more…)

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